The Way of Saint Nicholas

At Saint Nicholas House, we have adopted a distinct way of life, which we aspire to live and into which we invite others.

Inspired by Saint Nicholas of Myra, we seek to be people of overflowing joy, quiet generosity, and gentle strength. The disciplines of our common way of life aid us in the pursuit of these virtues.

Overflowing Joy

We are committed to celebration, through which our faith is both expressed and sustained.  We begin every week with the celebration of Holy Eucharist and a day of unhurried, restful enjoyment of friends, family, and the natural world around us. Following the Christian year, we proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ through a never-ending cycle of celebrations. Throughout the natural year, we seek to recognize and enjoy the good gifts and unique joys available in each season. We renounce habits of ingratitude and complaint.

Quiet Generosity

We are committed to loving our neighbors by giving generously of our time, our skills, our attention to others, and our prayers. This is particularly expressed in compassion and hospitality to children and to others who are not in a position to repay us. We pursue a lifestyle of simplicity, contentment, and hard work, so that we can give more freely. In our giving, we renounce the pursuit of recognition and the expectation of repayment.

Gentle Strength

We are committed to rhythms of prayer throughout each day. We believe that true strength is manifested in endurance of love, in continuing to hope when we are worn down, and in continuing to pursue the good when our patience has been sorely tested. This strength is beyond our natural abilities, so we call continually for God’s power and goodness to be at work in and around us. We renounce habits of despair and impatience.