Promotion Day

Karate lessons for children age 5-9 are on Mondays, 4:00-4:45.

Uechi-ryu karate, an unarmed Okinawan system of self defense, is grounded in the principle of “Sanchin,” the “three conflicts” of mind, body, and spirit. Properly practiced, karate helps to unite these different aspects of ourselves to work as an integrated whole. This can lead to confidence, self-control, and integrity for all of life.

Our classes are held in the barn, and children are encouraged to wear comfortable active wear appropriate for the season, and closed-toed shoes.

The house is open for drop-off as early as 3:30, and for pickup as late as 5:30. While we are currently running a class for children age 5-9, we are hoping to expand and offer a class for older children, so please feel free to contact us to express interest.

Classes are taught by Brian Barry, who has been practicing karate since 1999 and holds a fifth degree black belt. Like everything else we offer to children at St. Nicholas House, classes are offered free of charge.

For inquiries into availability, or other questions, email brian@saintnicholashouse.org or call 603-714-5615.