Our Team

Fr. Brian Barry

Brian is a priest in the Anglican Church in North America. He has extensive experience in youth and children’s ministries, holds a doctorate in Ministry to Emerging Generations and a fifth degree black belt in Okinawan karate. He is currently a Special Education Paraeducator in Brookline.

Jackie Barry

Jackie has devoted her entire adult life to the formation of children, teaching in public, private, and home-based environments. Beyond her teaching degree, she has received training in children’s catechesis, in spiritual direction, and in her newest passion— farming!

Deacon Joshua Eipper

Caedmon Barry

Caedmon has a passion for animal husbandry, and cares for our animals. He is constantly dreaming up the next step in our farming operation. He is a natural leader amongst children and loves welcoming them to Saint Nicholas House in creative and fun ways.